Blacks in the Bible: The Original Roots of Men and Women of Color in Scripture

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Abraham and his wife made their African slave a surrogate mother and she bore Abraham a half-black heir. Later, God wished to use Moses and his Ethiopian wife and half-Ethiopian sons to raise up a new race of Jews to replace the twelve tribes of Israel. Let’s not forget that the Almighty did not object when Jacob passed “the blessing of Abraham” on to his half-African grandsons, Ephraim and Manasseh, in North Africa. In light of these facts it’s amazing that early Americans wondered if blacks could be saved especially since it was big news to Jews that gentiles (Europeans) could be saved. Prior to the Apostles of Christ’s debate about whether Europeans, called gentiles in Scripture, could be saved, Niger and Lucius were black Bible teachers at Antioch (where believers were first called Christians) and an Ethiopian eunuch had been saved and baptized. (Acts 13:1, 15:7) The first king, queen, prince, and princess in the Bible were black. It was an African princess who found Moses floating down the Nile in Africa. Later Esther a dark skinned Jew won a black beauty contest that stretched from India to Ethiopia. Blacks in the Bible Vol. I shows you truths stranger than fiction.

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