Primary Care Procedures in Women’s Health


There are many reasons for primary care providers to offer women s health procedures in an office setting, from the value patients place on continuity of care to the lack of access to specialty care that patients may experience in rural areas. Primary Care Procedures in Women s Health has been designed to introduce simple office procedures to clinicians, as well as office staff who must familiarize themselves with new equipment and new billing and coding information. Each chapter in this book is written by a primary care physician and outlines one women s health procedure and its background information, indications, contraindications, complications, equipment, procedure steps, an office note, patient instructions and a patient handout. Tricks, helpful hints, algorithms and a wealth of illustrations are included through the book. Primary Care Procedures in Women s Health is a manual that will allow all providers including family physicians, general internists, residence, nurse practitioners, nurse midwives and physicians assistants to be competent and comfortable performing a spectrum of office-based procedures.”

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Despite the common perception that medicine is becoming specialty driven, there are many reasons for primary care providers to offer women’s health procedures in an office setting. Women feel more comfortable having procedures done by prov- ers whom they already know and trust. Continuity of care is still valued by patients, who trust their primary care providers to work with them as collaborators in the decision-making process. Women have found that their options for care have become limited, not by their own decision, but by the lack of training of their p- vider. In rural areas, the barriers of time, expense, and travel often prevent many women from obtaining necessary care; yet many of the procedures that these women are requesting are relatively easy to learn. Positive experiences are shared by women who then refer friends and family by word of mouth. This book has been designed to assist not only the clinician performing the pro- dures covered, but also the office staff with setting up the equipment tray prior to p- forming the procedure and with preparing office documents and coding information needed to complete the procedure. Most procedures covered can be done with a mi- mum investment in equipment and require minimal training.

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