The Change: Women, Aging and the Menopause


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In this singularly authoritative, intelligent and audacious study, Germaine Greer challenges all of our accepted notions about the physical and emotional effects of menopause and aging – and thereby lays the foundation for a drastic reassessment by women of the ways in which they contemplate and experience the stages of their lives that society has conditioned them to fear and, ultimately, to regret. Quoting extensively from medical, historical, anthropological, literary and other cultural sources, Greer examines the diverse ideas and theories about menopause and aging during the last two hundred years, revealing how they have and have not evolved, concluding that “the sum of our ignorance still far outweighs our knowledge, ” and that the sum of a woman’s self-knowledge is potentially more enlightening than anything she can learn from “objective” observers of her condition. Greer exhorts women to take responsibility for their own health and to question the accepted “truths” and those who determine them. To that end, she makes a detailed study of the various current treatments for menopause – particularly of estrogen replacement therapy, puncturing the overblown promises made on its behalf by the medical profession and drug manufacturers – and explores myriad less well publicized, traditional and alternative non-medical treatments. She delves into the full range of emotional and physical changes in the menopausal woman and proposes a new “art” of aging based on each woman’s acceptance of her own experience and her transformed needs and desires. The deeply impassioned ideas Germaine Greer puts forth sound a rallying cry against the cultural and sexual stereotypes that have long hamperedthe lives of menopausal and aging women. With a profound fierceness of purpose, she encourages women to embrace the freedoms inherent in the change and to forge the serenity and power that can be its most permanent consequences. Powerful and provocative, The Change demands alienati

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