The Fight Within: A Story of Women in Recovery


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“In my first group, I let them all know right up front how tough I was. I told them I was different than they were-I did not have an addiction problem. I had a probation problem-probation sent me here. I remember the group was amused-they did not know me. I was in control of my use. It was easy for me to stop-I had done it many times.
The group members weren’t buying that because they had been there too.”

“The Fight Within: A Story of Women in Recovery” relays the human side of addiction and its consequences. Using narrative as a counseling tool, female clients collaborate with a group facilitator to process their own stories, which appear as a collection of writings. These writings help to tell the journey of Jayne as she travels through the treatment experience and projects events in the life of an addict.

The end result is a book that tells the story of Jayne ‘who is all of you and who is none of you.” “The Fight Within” views the heartbreak, tragedy, and pain suffered by the addict/alcoholic, Jayne, in an accepting and hopeful manner. Its humanity and compassion will help you on your journey to recovery.

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