What Southern Women Know about Faith: Kitchen Table Stories and Back Porch Comfort


Daughter and granddaughter of Baptist ministers, Ronda Rich examines the deep roots of her family’s Christian faith in the hills of North Georgia and its impact on her own vibrant and inspiring personal faith. With vivid examples that will appeal to every person who knows and loves the South, Ronda explores the contributions that mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters have made through the powerful expressions of their commitment to serve God and further his kingdom. She moves from reflections about her own mother, whom she lost just weeks before finishing this book, to the many strong matriarchs who have taught her—and now teach us—how to love deeper, hope more often, and look for God’s Hand in all things. With humor, poignancy, wit and wisdom, this book will appeal to a broad audience of Southerners and their many friends and family across the country. Foreword by NASCAR legend Darrell Walltrip’s wife, Stevie, with endorsements likely from Jeff Foxworthy, Paula Dean, Pat Conroy, Sela Ward, and Amy Grant.

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Come, sip a glass of sweet tea and sit for a spell with Ronda on the porch swing as she tells you stories of happiness and heartache, friends and family, and a faith that s strong enough to handle anything life throws your way. As Ronda shares, Southerners don t just talk about God, they have a kitchen-table faith, that feels like a comfortable, trusted neighbor who sits down and stays for a good, long visit. It s a faith you live and breathe, day-in, day-out, whether it s praying to the good Lord as you sit on the porch swing or finding joy in a delicious pan of cornbread. As Ronda says, Southern faith is a faith that is plain, simple, and sturdy, that is utilitarian in practice and that fits as comfortably in the hands of Southern women as a baby, an iron skillet, a hair brush, a telephone, or a broom. From stories of moonshine and revivals, Sunday dinners and new Easter outfits, prayers answered and griefs shared, you ll discover a faith that supports you when the trials and heartaches of life cause you to stumble, a faith that grabs you by the elbow and steadies you on the path.”

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