Why Men Marry Some Women and Not Others


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Finally the Code has been Cracked. Discover What it Really takes to Catch a Husband! You’re about to find not guesswork but hard facts based on the same kind of scientific research that pollsters use to predict consumer behavior with pinpoint accuracy. John T. Molloy and his staff polled over 2,500 women and their fiances and over 1,000 single people who answered a host of detailed, often intimate questions. The information proved so powerful that half the single women working on this book got married within three years! Now you, too, can learn: How to increase your chances of marrying by up to sixty percent * The ten warning signals that a man is never going to marry * How to make a man want to marry you and how to trigger a proposal * The advantages-and dangers-of dating divorced or widowed men * What you absolutely must wear when you meet your boyfriend’s parents, and much more.

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