Feminism and gender equality have for the most part been neglected by the media and educational system. For centuries we have been living within patriarchal societies that established the social, cultural, political, and economic norms that can be largely attributed to Aristotelian philosophy that women were created less than men. Please google Aristotle’s views on women . Literacy about women and women’s roles among a vast amount of the population can be traced to 360 BC .

The Women’s rights movement in the USA can be traced to the 1850’s with women starting to organize for equal rights. Many political gains have been made; however, social equality has yet to be established as the norm.
We define Feminism as:

A movement that supports equal opportunities for men and women and asserts that women are entitled to the same political, social, and intellectual rights as men. As a cultural and literary movement, feminism seeks to challenge historically male-centered representations of women and identify a sovereign tradition of female cultural and literary production”.   Ruth Patchett

With this said, Feminine Media Network has been established as a vehicle to provide content, social media interaction and literacy programs that can educate individuals via the internet to close the gap toward gender equality. We will be featuring programing on the Feminine Perspective of Art, Architecture, Governance, Health, Media and Spirituality.

How do we drive internet users to this new website so they can explore this new world of literacy? There are several ways, with a big push coming in the expanding field of social media marketing. But another voice would be through the internet and broadcasting both live and streaming content.
The Feminine Media Network will serve several purposes. One, it will utilize the growing network of social media to promote reading, writing, and publishing.  Two, it will ultimately help raise literacy rates in Feminine issues. Three, it will serve to get the word out about the Feminine Book Coop website with a catalog of over 30,000 title on Feminine Art, Culture, Governance, Health and Spirituality.

Feminine Media Network will be marketed through FMN1.com the first internet media channel broadcasting with a 24/7 program guide and schedule as well as streamed through the FMN1 archives and available on any Mobi device, Tablet, PC or TV.