Helen Keller: A Light for the Blind


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Helen Keller author, scholar, advocate
An NCSS-CBC Notable Children s Trade Books in the Field of Social Studies
“Forget that I am deaf and blind and think of me as an ordinary woman,” wrote Helen Keller but she was anything but ordinary.
When Helen was growing up, there were no facilities to help handicapped students. Still, she learned to speak, read, and write, attended Radcliffe College, wrote multiple books, and lectured all over the world. It wasn’t enough to prove that she could do anything. Helen wanted other handicapped people to know that they could, too. And Helen achieved her purpose: the world saw a real woman behind the handicaps, and an extraordinary human being behind the legend.
“Contains black-and-white illustrations.”
Presents a smooth recounting of Keller s remarkable life, making clear the emotional burdens as well as the physical difficulties created by Keller s dual handicap . A useful introduction.
Will serve as an introduction for young readers to the life and accomplishments of this famous woman.
School Library Journal
About theWomen of Our Timeseries:
International in scope, the Women of Our Time series of biographies cover a wide range of personalities in a variety fields. More than a history lesson, these books offer carefully documented life stories that will inform, inspire, and engage.”

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