Simpler Times: Reflections on Women’s Friendship

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Curl up in a cozy chair with a cup of coffee or tea and meet some amazing women who just happened to be in the same little neighborhood at the same time. These friends walked into the author’s heart and inspired her to be a better mother, teacher, and friend, and to recognize more fully the varied gifts God’s children offer.

Each woman represents a unique virtue or talent making her a life giving vessel in the body of Christ. Using names that best fit the gift, the stories are narratives that will delight, touch, and invite deep personal reflection. Poetry and prayer flow from each story as natural as a breath of air.

Because their stories give practical applications for daily living in Christ, questions for further contemplation or for sharing follow each section, along with Scriptures to reflect on and suggested activities or related reading.

These friends are presented in word pictures that tug at the heart. They bring with them joy and sorrow, wisdom and insight. They will remind the reader of someone they know and lead to a better understanding of that person. The reader may even find a picture of, as well as, a better understanding of herself.

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