Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Can Women Reach the Top of America’s Largest Corporations? Updated Edition


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At a time when women have more tools than ever before to help them break through the glass ceiling, including the government’s “Glass Ceiling” Initiative and the Civil Rights Act, far too many remain trapped beneath it. This book takes a close look at who has broken through, and how, and provides practical advice for others who want to do the same. Based on the ground-breaking three-year study of female executives that brought the glass ceiling to national attention, this book examines the factors that determine success or derailment in the corporate environment, reveals how the executive environment is different for women, and looks at the new obstacles along the road to the top. Invaluable advice is provided from the female executives themselves on learning the ropes in a company, getting the right kind of support, and integrating work and life, as well as tips from those higher up the ladder – savvy insiders – on how these women are perceived within the company. This edition also highlights new research and emphasizes what has changed with the creation of the government’s 1991 Glass Ceiling Initiative and the passage of the 1991 Civil Rights Act. Vital reading for every woman in business and for every employer and manager now responsible for the removal of any barriers to her advancement, this book explodes long-held myths and addresses such important questions as: . Do women have what it takes for senior management in a large corporation? Does a new brand of discrimination stop them cold at the top floor? What can companies do to enhance the success of women in their organizations? Is it just a matter of time before a new generation of women breaks through the glass ceiling?

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