Fight Like a Girl…and Win: Defense Decisions for Women


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Whether it’s unwanted attention, a mugging, or a date rape, Lori Hartman Gervasi wants you to consider your options and train your reflexes before you need to make your move, so that if it ever comes to the fight of your life, you’ll be ready. Most attacks are over in less than twenty seconds. That’s why decisions regarding your personal safety must be ingrained and instinctive before the bad guy even shows up. This no-nonsense guide to mental self-defence delivers power-packed information and will walk you though the thirty-five decisions you need to make in order to save your life, including: Decide You Are Your Own Bodyguard; Decide It Can Happen to You; Decide to Remain Active vs. Reactive; and Decide to Go Nuts. Quite frankly, kicking some bad guy to the curb has never been more possible, and staying away from him in the first place has never been easier.

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