Forecast Earth: The Story of Climate Scientist Inez Fung


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Inez Fung forecasts the future–a future when Earth could look and feel a lot different than it does now. Why care about climate change? Because it affects every living thing on Earth, including you. What if the climate where you live began to change dramatically? What if a warmer climate caused the polar ice caps to melt and sea levels to rise? Inez Fung is a climate scientist, someone who studies the causes of weather patterns and how they change over time. Inzez investigates why climate changes happen and how we can prepare for them, using data about the planet’s land masses, oceans, and atmosphere to create computer models of Earth. Even gas and dust embedded in polar ice half a millions years ago can tell Inez about climates of the past–and give clues about Earth’s climate future. “Forecast Earth” takes readers on a tour of the planet with a brilliant scientist as our guide. How did a quiet girl from Hong Kong grow up to become one of the world’s most respected climate scientists? The life story of Inez Fung makes it clear that there are opportunities out there for everyone.

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