Make Way for Women: Men and Women Leading Together Improve Culture and Profits

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Make Way for Women clearly documents how companies are excelling with women in executive positions and demonstrates how to bring gender balance to leadership. Business veteran/ leadership expert John Keyser strongly advises other men in senior leadership to advance more women into the C-suites – because men and women lead better together. In this book, Keyser profiles 45 respected male and female business leaders who share vital insights about the way women lead and the best ways for men and women to lead together. Senior leaders who read this book will gain the assurance that advancing women to the C-Suite is the right thing and the smart thing to do, and they will take away specific practices to make it happen. The first three chapters discuss the business case for shared leadership; the distinctive qualities of male and female leadership; and the effectiveness of shared leadership. The next chapters profile male and female industry leaders in finance, insurance, law, education, journalism, broadcasting, consulting, sports, and other fields, who share their experience and insights about gender-balanced leadership. The final chapters detail the steps that CEOs, senior executives, HR, OD and talent development professionals can take to initiate or expand shared leadership within their companies. Senior executives of Fortune 500 and other large and mid-size companies, women in business leadership, and those aspiring to leadership positions will benefit from this ground-breaking book.

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