Menghedi: Two Women. Two Journeys. One Hope for Freedom.


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On a quest to avenge her riven family and murdered friends, Timneet Melke leaves behind a burgeoning romance to join the Eritrean liberation effort. Covert operations and guerilla warfare transform her into a warrior woman until a chance reunion with an old love forces Timneet to reconsider her path.
Orphaned Ma’arinet Neguse may have escaped war when swept away to America, but the turmoil of her past locks her into a brutal battle of her own. Engulfed in distress after her second miscarriage, Ma’arinet flees for her life again-this time from a volatile relationship.
The end of the war brings Ma’arinet back to her homeland where her world collides with Timneet’s. It takes Almaz, the nurse with the memory of an elephant, to unlock the secrets of their pasts. Will the encounters bring Ma’arinet closure, or will they leave her stranded with no resolve?
In her debut novel, Gebre invites us on a journey, or menghedi, [men-ge-dee]. Offering an inspiring message, “Menghedi” reminds us that when the soul suffers, no damage is ever too grand for the healing powers of hope.

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