Midwestern Women: Work, Community, and Leadership at the Crossroads


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..”. an excellent introduction to a complex subject. Anyone interested in the Midwest or in women s history will find it a valuable resource.” Agricultural History

..”. the volume as a whole invigorates the field of midwestern history.” Wisconsin Magazine of History

..”. examines four centuries of Midwestern women s history, including urban and rural, frontier settlers and American Indians, Mexican and European migrants. The book mixes telling anecdotes with scholarly research.” Indianapolis Star

Writing about four centuries of midwestern women s history, including urban, rural, and frontier women, Native Americans, African Americans, Mexicanas, as well as European migrants, essayists discuss ways midwestern women s lives resemble those women of other regions and ways in which their lives are distinctive. By addressing a broad range of questions about the lives of midwestern women this volume encourages further research of this neglected but important group. The volume also includes a lengthy bibliography.”

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