Nasty Women


Surefire methods to neutralize the nasty women in your life

Is there a nasty woman in your life? Someone who uses controlling, punishing, or manipulative behavior to get what she wants? She could be your wife, mother, sister, best friend–maybe even your boss. Whoever she is, she can be the Queen of Mean and make your life miserable. Or can she? Sometimes her wicked ways are compounded by communication breakdowns–damage that can easily be avoided and repaired if you know the secret keys.

Based on decades of practice and observation, author, psychologist, and motivational speaker Jay Carter, Psy.D., provides no-nonsense insights into the behavior of the nastiest women, offering proven techniques for coping with every kind of female torment. As the author outlines ten personality types–from the unpredictable Flounder to the codependent Sponge–you’ll learn how to: Identify and fix the number-one failure in gender relationships (really!) Recognize a manipulator when you see one Deflect criticism and not take it personally Stop being a pin cushion Confront bullies Disconnect from a no-win situation Maintain sight of the bigger picture Communicate, connect, and coexist with the witchy women in your life

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The newest book in Dr. Carter’s series discusses the communication breakdown that sometimes creates nasty behavior in women, covers the many ways women are perceived by spouses, coworkers, family, and friends, and shows ways to repair the damage caused by behaviors often characterized as “female,” including: Catty responses to questions or remarks Passive-aggressive tendencies Misunderstandings gone awry Nastiness as a defense mechanism Withdrawal from arguments or conflict

Everyone knows a person who has been hurt, betrayed, or degraded by nasty individuals or has experienced it themselves. In three books, Jay Carter, Psy. D., shows readers how to stop this cycle of overt and covert abuse, without resorting to nasty tactics. Now for the first time, this series is released together to cover all areas of dealing with difficult people. With straight-talking advice, real-life anecdotes, and psychology that makes sense, Carter explains how to handle and stop painful behavior that harms both the perpetrator and the victim.

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