Sicilian Sisters: Women in La Famiglia


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This exciting and fast paced saga covers several generations of a Sicilian family that emigrated to New York. The challenges faced by immigrants and the opportunity to succeed are laced with connections to ‘The Family.’ It details how five Sicilian sisters and their descendants since the 15th century exploited and influenced their husbands’ minds to gain power. The women used their cunning ways to intimidate the villagers to further their secret goals and passions.

“Sicilian Sisters: Women in La Famiglia” delves into Nancy Cincolla’s 15th century Pirate ancestors, who were filled with a deviant subculture held together by the spirit of revolt and their version of democracy to maintain their social structure. Through the wisdom of their five Sicilian wives, the Pirates were chosen by the town people of their village to control it politically, socially, and financially. They were free men that plowed the seas in search of other people’s property and expanded their control through the use of violence and plundering. The inter-marriage of the women from Sicily with the Pirate brothers became the foundation of the modern day Mafia.

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