Women’s Writings on Christian Spirituality


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Modern understanding of the history of Christian spiritual texts is in a state of constant expansion and heightened appreciation, thanks to our growing understanding of women’s contributions to the field. This anthology offers an introduction to new readers as well as a source of further study for those already familiar with the subject. Featured writings are as diverse as their historical contexts, but also offer a grasp of the textual and spiritual relationships among the works and their authors.
Divided into three sections corresponding to the medieval period (beginnings to 1500), the early modern period (1500 to 1800), and the modern period (1800 to the present), the selections exemplify each writer’s style and voice. Brief prefaces provide a biographical sketch as well as context for each passage. Contributors include Julian of Norwich, Teresa of Avila, Grace Mildmay, Anna Trapnel, Phillis Wheatley, Maria W. Stewart, Simone Weil, Flannery O’Connor, Anne Lamott, and many others.

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